Server tuning connection timeout & websocket proxy


When I try to set the connection timeout in the server settings -> tuning to 100000 an error occurs in the logfile that the value is too high (even though the description in the settings says it can be set to that value), and defaults back to 30.
I cannot seem to use the websocket proxy; Zeronet keeps reconnecting, and the websocket connection gets disconnected. When I specify an error log nothing gets logged in it for that virtual host, it stays empty.

The weird thing is that everything works with the commercial version of Litespeed, is the codebase that different?

B.t.w. I used another prefix with the configure script, to make sure it gets installed in /opt/openlitespeed. Could it be that things get screwed up because of that?


Hi Raldnor,

The max for that value is actually 10,000. Where in the description did you find that? So we can correct it.