sqlite3 update from 3.7.17 to latest

Hello, i was wondering if OLS has a way of upgrading sqlite3 version.
I have installed the latest 3.9 version, but OLS is still showing 3.7.17 on the PHP information.
Is there any way I can change it to work with 3.9?

SQLite Library 3.7.17

SQLite Library 3.9.7 - just installed under /root
On that page these show up.
But my installation of PHP 80 shows 3.7.17?
Same with PHP 7.3, non of them are 3.7.17, can't even find that in the list.
Can it have something to do with CyberPanel being installed?
I've set my main PHP to be 7.3 because of some compatibility with cmsms being installed on one domain.
But when I tried to install DJANGO, it refuses me, because it demands SQLite 3.9.0

lsphp80-sqlite3_8.0.0-1+focal_amd64.deb 27-Nov-2020 05:07 32k
lsphp80-sqlite3_8.0.1-1+focal_amd64.deb 08-Jan-2021 03:23 32k
lsphp80-sqlite3_8.0.10-1+focal_amd64.deb 26-Aug-2021 09:18 32k
lsphp80-sqlite3_8.0.11-1+focal_amd64.deb 23-Sep-2021 16:18 32k
lsphp80-sqlite3_8.0.2-1+focal_amd64.deb 04-Feb-2021 09:27 32k
lsphp80-sqlite3_8.0.3-1+focal_amd64.deb 23-Apr-2021 04:32 32k
lsphp80-sqlite3_8.0.5-1+focal_amd64.deb 29-Apr-2021 16:28 32k
lsphp80-sqlite3_8.0.6-1+focal_amd64.deb 07-May-2021 16:27 32k
lsphp80-sqlite3_8.0.7-1+focal_amd64.deb 03-Jun-2021 21:26 32k
lsphp80-sqlite3_8.0.8-1+focal_amd64.deb 01-Jul-2021 09:22 32k

lsphp73-sqlite3_7.3.23-1+focal_amd64.deb 01-Oct-2020 17:50 28k
lsphp73-sqlite3_7.3.27-1+focal_amd64.deb 23-Apr-2021 02:32 28k
lsphp73-sqlite3_7.3.28-1+focal_amd64.deb 29-Apr-2021 09:35 28k
lsphp73-sqlite3_7.3.28-2+focal_amd64.deb 13-May-2021 03:00 28k
lsphp73-sqlite3_7.3.29-1+focal_amd64.deb 01-Jul-2021 10:33 28k
lsphp73-sqlite3_7.3.31-1+focal_amd64.deb 23-Sep-2021 09:20 28k