Where can I find the logs?

Hello guys,

I have digital ocean one click install openlitespeed+wordpress, I can’t find the webserver logs..

Some browser my website is just blank.. could anyone help me?


May I ask what pi browser is?
I saw you have LSCache, CloudFlare + super cache enabled at the same time. Not pretty sure which caused the issue. If it happens every day, could you help to narrow down the issue and share the result with us?
its a browser you can download from google play and applestore on mobile.. right now i got this 404 not found error you'll see if you visit the website from computer browser and all browser is affected. All i did was I logged in to webadmin and edit listener and checked all binding Process 1, Process 2, Process 3, Process 4 and enabled/change secure to yes.
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So the issue should also happen on Chrome right? I did not see 404. Do you have any screenshots about 404? Which listener did you edit? HTTP or HTTPS?
yah all the browser was affected, firefox, chrome, IE and opera, safari.. i was able to recover it when I disabled the listener security check box, I edited I think both..