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    OLS optimized webadmin settings & how to increase speed of import

    Hi, What do you mean plenty imports, do you need DataBase import improvement only? Sounds not Web Server or PHP related to me. Maybe you need improve it from database side? Best, Eric
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    Adminer php extension problem

    Hi @emtex Does it work if you install lsphpxx-mysql instead of php-mysql
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    Upgrade OpenLiteSpeed on Cloud Image

    Hi, Please run the apt-get update first and try again. Best, Eric
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    Upgrade OpenLiteSpeed on Cloud Image

    Hi @anditasb , Use regular package upgrade should works. apt-get update apt-grade upgrade -y or upgrade openlitespeed only apt-get update apt-get upgrade OpenLiteSpeed -y Best, Eric
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    Azure image

    Check this . You can setup with Auto Setup via Script or Manual Setup
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    Azure image

    Seems apply successfully from my end.
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    Azure image

    Hi @juraj , It's here, The issue was due to github 500 error yesterday afternoon :sick:. It should works now if you can launch a new server. Let us know if it works Best, Eric
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    Openlitespeed Limitation Based On Resource

    Hi, May I know how you set for the PHP config? Did you install opcache extention? For custom php app, sometimes cache rewrite rules can helps. Check here for more information Best, Eric
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    The web keeps crashing, 503 must reset the server to access it!

    Hi, I did not see any 503 from the debug log. Check , usually you can see the 503 reason from the log. Does it still happening? Best
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    When will 1.5.12 be added to the repo?

    I see. FYI, check Upgrade/Downgrade method here
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    When will 1.5.12 be added to the repo?

    Hi, 1.6 is stable branch now, so we may not consider to build 1.5.x repo more. Best, Eric
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    OpenLiteSpeed WordPress on GCP: Wordpress directory permission

    Hi, I mean wp-admin(wordpress), not web admin. Because you were not using a user name which is not belongs to that /var/www/html folder. Try 1. Transfer your files to your user's home folder 2. Then ssh in to the console with root permission, cp the /home/USER_NAME/UPLOADED_FILE to the...
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    Which user should own the Virtual Host Document Root Folder?

    Hi, Please check your user:group name from the web admin. If you are using Ubuntu OS, maybe group name is nogroup instead of nobody Best
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    OpenLiteSpeed WordPress on GCP: Wordpress directory permission

    Right, image come with the www-data user permission. If you upload files/images though web admin, should be no issue. If you upload files from SSH console or filezilla, you can put it to any folder, e.g. /opt/ first. Then move it to the /var/www/html/xxx with root user from SSH console, then...
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    OpenLiteSpeed WordPress on GCP and Page Caching with OpenLiteSpeed

    Right, no extra step is needed for cache module enabling.