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    OpenLiteSpeed CloudLinux 7 + CageFS + LVE Manager + PHP 7.3 + Custom Home Folder

    Thank you for your feedback. Yes, we need to add more document for how to setup and how to use these features. Please just raise a tickets to solve all of your issues. I will forward this message to the support team.
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    How to Update OpenLiteSpeed to Newest Version

    I would recommend this way, 1, backup you current /usr/local/lsws/ (make a backup for any change) 2, download the pre-built package 3, extract and run ./ 4, done. Thanks.
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    Upload Limit Not Respected in PHP With Latest Release of OpenLitespeed

    Also you may try the latest OLS which fixed some bugs of these kinds. run it without parameter will downalod the latest stable version, and if want to recover to the current version, you may use `-r`...
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    Upload Limit Not Respected in PHP With Latest Release of OpenLitespeed

    In the Example/html DIR, there is a phpinfo.php, which will tell the upload limit. PLease run it to check your php.ini setting.
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    Rewrite not working but does on the paid version of Litespeed...Why?

    Just like the log info, the directives are not supported in openlitespeed.
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    WebConsole # issue for Rewrites

    Thank you and we will fix it.
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    Can't get vhost working

    If you are using the webAdmin to config your site, please just follow the steps. A Vhost need to be added to a listener so that it can be served.
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    SSL for SubDomain

    Did you have the right certificates and key for the sub domain? For the listener, you need to add both VHost to it. You need to provide more info for help in detail. Thanks. David
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    no lsphp socks in /tmp/lshttpd

    I removed the lsphp template since we added extuser/extGroup for lsphp and also VHost can inherit the server lsphp with ita own user/group. So you may use the SERVER level defined lsphp directly. About the $... variables, I need to check the code if we support them.
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    no lsphp socks in /tmp/lshttpd

    Can you change the DEBUG log level to DEBUG/HIGH, so that it will provide more logs, and then send to us the log?
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    no lsphp socks in /tmp/lshttpd

    Can you use the latest stable 1.4.46? Because we fixed many bugs since your running version. You can download And chmod to 755 and run as ./ 1.4.46 to replace your current version to...
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    no lsphp socks in /tmp/lshttpd

    Can you check your errorlog if there is any errors occurred? Which version you are using?
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    Connection idle time too long: 31 while in state: 2 watching for event: 4, close!

    It seems some connection is not closed for a long time serving. This is like a bug which is fixed in 1.4.46. Can you use the latest version and watch if it happen again? Thanks.
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    Error Log Keep Days setting

    Please check you error log level. In you case, it is so big, maybe it is set to HIGH so that it will log a lot of info. If yes, you can change to NONE then it will only log a little info. Thanks. David
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    OLS doesn't feel faster than Apache!

    Even the static file serving, Opnelitespeed should be much faster than Apache. How is the testing file size? Do you have cache enabled? What tool you are using?