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    Postfix is not sending mails out

    I installed openlitespeed. Loading LiteSpeed/1.6.6 Open module versions: modgzip 1.1 cache 1.62 modinspector 1.1 uploadprogress LSIAPI_VERSION_STRING mod_security 1.2 (built: Wed Jan 22 22:14:41 UTC 2020) ... and i see that postfix is not sending mail out due it can not connect to the outside...
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    Cache module not caching all the time

    Ah thanks i will change it.
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    Cache module not caching all the time

    I installed openlitespeed. added server configuration / modules the cache. using this as config enableCache 1 enablePrivateCache 1 checkPublicCache 1 checkPrivateCache 1 qsCache 1 reqCookieCache 1 ignoreReqCacheCtrl 1 ignoreRespCacheCtrl 0 respCookieCache 1 expireInSeconds 3600...