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    Openlitespeed monitoring with munin-node

    Sorry, I didn't aware that ... however, if you're really interested, I'll give you more info. you can get same result by #cat /tmp/lshttpd/.rtreport*
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    Openlitespeed monitoring with munin-node

    you can download the bash script /usr/local/lsws/add-ons/rrdgraph/ in enterprise litespeed, and try to install it for openlitespeed. it's written in php, should work with openlitespeed, and you can modify the php source code if needed.
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    'Process Limit' probably is too low

    in web admin: Server Configuration -> External App -> lsphp Process Soft Limit Process Hard Limit
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    CPU core and concurrent user limits

    no, there is no limit. you can configure them freely yourself.
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    PHP Commands

    please try command line interface php instead of lsphp:
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    Caching proxy

    please follow to see if you can set up ready without any issue.
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    Gzip not working last version OLS 1.4.27

    can you try a phpinfo page, to see if it's compressed ? also another simple hello.php page, just print some characters, to ensure its length > 300 bytes, to see if it's compressed.
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    Gzip not working last version OLS 1.4.27

    css is gzipped -- but the homepage not so gzip itself is working fine
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    WAC login just refrash

    please reset webadmin console's user/pass by #/usr/local/lsws/admin/misc/
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    cant solve the permmisions problem

    I can reproduce the issue. ols 1.4.7, lsphp 7.1.9. in php script, I used echo system("whoami"); for the test.
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    php.ini - openlitespeed [7.1.9]

    just now got chance to install fresh OLS 1.4.27, lsphp 7.1.9 on centOS 7 box, edit /usr/local/lsws/lsphp71/etc/php.ini, change "upload_max_filesize = 2M" to "upload_max_filesize = 100M", phpinfo.php page reflect the change without any problem. so maybe there is some special stuff in the env.
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    cant solve the permmisions problem

    what's your OLS version ?
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    php.ini - openlitespeed [7.1.9]

    can you try full stop / start openlitespeed ? instead of graceful restart
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    php.ini - openlitespeed [7.1.9]

    any output ? #grep upload_max_filesize /usr/local/lsws/lsphp71/etc/php.d/*.ini