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    get more lsphp workers at startup

    yes i already set PHP Max Connections and PHP_LSAPI_CHILDREN=100 and under load php workers are well forked, but i noticed lower performances at server startup and traffic spik, where the first time byte is higher than 5000ms compared to php-fpm with a dynamic pool with a pm.start_servers = 30...
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    get more lsphp workers at startup

    hi, i know litespeed webserver is designed for low memory consuption and lsapi and lsphp worker run on on-demand in effitient way, but i have enought memory to add more lsphp worker and i want to prevent traffic spike by adding more lsphp workers even if they are unused and idle. i tried to...
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    Cannot start after update

    there is a problem after OpenLiteSpeed 1.6.21 on repository update too, when gracefull restart from admin panel the openlitespeed admin is not accessible we need to restart the server to make it work again
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    openlitespeed admin panel not working after 1.6.21 update

    hi, openlitespeed admin panel is not working after 1.6.21 update when i restart openlitespeed from admin panel we need to make a complete server restart to make it work again .. what happen how to fix it please??