get more lsphp workers at startup


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hi, i know litespeed webserver is designed for low memory consuption and lsapi and lsphp worker run on on-demand in effitient way, but i have enought memory to add more lsphp worker and i want to prevent traffic spike by adding more lsphp workers even if they are unused and idle.

i tried to tweak external app settings by raising number of instances 1 to 5 and i get 5 main processes and 2 child processes but if i raise instances more than 5 i don't get more processes

i found a thread in ols forum a guy with 100 instances and launch +400 lsphp workers :

i tried to set 100 instances but when i restart the server i get always 7 lsphp in htop

what is the setting to get more lsphp workers and why when i set more instances i get not more than 7 lsphp in htop???


If you have enough resources and don't want the spike, why not just limit the PHP Max Connections to, e.g. 100 and PHP_LSAPI_CHILDREN=100?


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yes i already set PHP Max Connections and PHP_LSAPI_CHILDREN=100 and under load php workers are well forked,
but i noticed lower performances at server startup and traffic spik, where the first time byte is higher than 5000ms compared to php-fpm with a dynamic pool with a pm.start_servers = 30.

i have set : LSAPI_MAX_IDLE=5000 to get php workers longer time... it help a little but not like if idles workers are already waiting

is there any way to get idle workers standing??