1. N

    Openlitespeed server accepts https request but throws 404 error on http request

    Recently my domain ssl has expired , i am using certbot to generate certificate , but certbot could not renewal ssl because Openlitespeed accepts https request but throws 404 error on http request with same url , certbot uses http request to verify domain to generate ssl , tried several steps to...
  2. jchambo

    OpenLiteSpeed WordPress VPS 404 Error on Non-Wordpress Site Install in Sub Folder

    I have a One-Click OpenLiteSpeed WordPress install over on a VPS at Vultr, and am trying to install a non-WordPress website into a sub-folder I created. I'd like to say, have https://example.com/test point to a new folder I created in the WordPress root install directory of /var/www/html/test...
  3. Crabi

    Error 404 on subdomain

    Hi !! :) i'm trying to get phpmyadmin working on a subdomain, but actually all i have is a 404 error from openlitespeed ! - Debian 10 Buster, - OpenLiteSpeed 1.7.14, - php 7.4.xx Here's my error logs : 2022-01-14 08:32:33.797310 [NOTICE] [25736] SIGHUP received, start count down to stop...
  4. U

    Reverse proxy is giving me 404 errors

    Hello! I finally got my two wordpress sites up and running with OLS and also my Matomo instance running. However, I'm having some issues getting reverse proxy to work. I have three websites that need to reverse proxy: a GitLab instance, a Bitwarden instance, and a Jenkins instance. I've set...
  5. aboyit

    Hello everyone, I am seeing a 404 error for the website

    I have doamin.com/web/1a Website belongs to CMS Wordpress The homepage of web domain.com/web/1a and the admin domain domain.com/web/1a/wp-admin still works, but my articles, products, and subpages have 404 errors. I have to reboot again. vps then everything works properly. However, I often...
  6. aboyit

    Hi everyone, I am having 404 errors on my website, looking forward to helping.

    All my vps use wordpress cms, I have the code of 1 wordpress page, but after I upload the hosting configuration, only the homepage and doamin.com/wp-admin page are still active. Writing and product error 404. My code has a .htaccess file with content # BEGIN WordPress <IfModule mod_rewrite.c>...
  7. colbyalbo

    WordPress Multisite Sub Directory CSS/JS assets 404 not found for subsites

    Hello, Trying to get a WordPress Multsite installation with Sub-directories setup. Using wordpress 5.4.1, ubuntu 20.04, OLS 1.6.13, Digital Ocean droplet The main site loads everything correctly, but the subsites do not load the CSS or the JS assets. note: the online reference here...
  8. C

    Can't configure WordPress Multisite it gives 404 Error

    I' m new to OLS and using OLS with GCP. I want to use WordPress multisite with subdomain I configure wp-config file it works fine but when I tried to edit htaccess file through lite speed cache plugin option and saved it and restart OLS gives 404 error
  9. ardan7779

    Within minutes returned Error 404, and a few minutes later returned to normal again.

    I'm having a problem where one of my websites often experience Error 404. But at other times it also runs normally. Within minutes returned Error 404, and a few minutes later returned to normal again. This problem occurs again even though the cache has been cleared. Even switching to another...