cache problem

  1. phoeniixx

    Desktop version opens the Mobile version.

    How can I fix it ?
  2. K

    Cache Problem Website

    hello, my website use Litespeed Server and Litespeed Cache Plugin and i am update our website post but not changes in mobile browser and other pc browser show old content but actually change the post content. Why this Problem face Our Website Please tell me. and also use a cloudflare cdn
  3. M

    LSCache without plugin problem

    Hi everyone, right now I using LSCache wihout plugin but facing some problem, example if I have two page link like below 1. 2. this two page result will cache as same page, how do I separate this two page as different cache ...
  4. themew

    Magento 2.3.4 Cache Issue

    Installed Magento 2.3.4 with sample data on a new Cyberpanel w/OpenLiteSpeed. Pages render amazingly fast, however the cart, checkout, and admin (pages that shouldn't be cached) are being cached. Any idea how to turn off and prevent these pages from caching? Using the built-in Magento Full...
  5. seezee

    Cache control problems

    I'm having problems adjusting the cache at I've got the following rules at the server and VM level in the OpenLiteSpeed dashboard: application/x-font-ttf=A2592000, application/javascript=A2592000, application/json=A2592000, application/pdf=A2592000...
  6. humzayunas

    Bug in Litespeed cache plugin

    Hello everyone, Hope you all are good. After spending too much time with litespeed i was able to figure out slow loading speed of my sites. Now they are pretty cool and loading fast. i.e and But i recently purchased new domain...
  7. D

    Openlitespeed cache increases my page size

    Hello, I have noticed that LiteSpeed cache increases my page size from 5MB to 8.5MB. When I clear cache my page size decreases to 5MB and after a while, it goes again to 8MB. Could you please advice?
  8. hcker2000

    Wrong cache file being served for homepage

    It would seem that a random post from the wordpress site I run will some times show up as my home page. Has anyone ever experienced anything like this before? It only happens with logged out users who are getting cache hits as confirmed via the dev console. It also seems to happen more when the...
  9. C

    Cache stop caching after some hours... Works again after openlitespeed restart

    I face a strange problem. I have a CentOS - openlitespeed host with 3-4 wordpress virtualhosts. Everything is working good (caching, etc) at the beginning. After some time (hours) cache stop hitting (it works perfectly before). It's like no caching is enabled. I go to admin panel, restart...