1. jodumont

    how to disable to certbot generator at login ?

    I uninstalled certbot because I use Cloudflare with the Origin Certificates as SSL. but the certbot script try to generate an SSL at every login how/where is this script I can't find it anywhere ?
  2. S

    How to set auto-renewal of Let's Encrypt SSL?

    I have an AWS EC2 instance running OpenLiteSpeed, with multiple sites/domains hosted on it. Everything works fine, but is there a way to set up the auto-renewal of SSL certificates (Let's Encrypt ones)?
  3. ltynk

    Error with listener 7080

    Hi, I encountered this issue for the second time. Unfortunately I was not able to check what occupied port before server was rebooted. Basically port 7080 gets occupied and this results in not loading any vhost. SSH working, all thing, but nothing loads. Logs shows this: 2020-09-24...