htaccess problem open litespeed

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    Htaccess for openlitespeed

    Hi, Help me with .htaccess for openlitespeed. My attempts are unsuccessful. code orginal apache : # Prevent directory listings Options -Indexes # Prevent visitors from viewing files directly <Files "\.(sdb|md|html|txt)$"> <IfModule !mod_authz_core.c> Order allow,deny...
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    Installation Of Wordpress In Subdirectory - URGENT

    Hi , i am using litespeed image from aws ec2 instance. after logging in via ssh and generating https certificate. i entered url , it directly installed wordpress in my home directory . although i wanted to install it in blog directory. i followed bellow step : edite .htacess file...
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    Openlitespeed htaccess problem (!)

    im using openlitespeed, I want to block access to directories but it never works htaccess why ? for example <-- i uploaded this directory inside .htaccess and i want deny from all But not working.. this is for me important