htaccess problem open litespeed

  1. maofree

    OpenLiteSPeed does't get changes in htaccess from the file htaccess are ignored

    Hi I'm using openlitespeed on the new vps with directadmin I've problems with htaccess 301 redirects set by directadmin are taken correctly after restarting the litespeed service. Instead if I put the same line myself in the htaccess file and restart litespeed it doesn't take it. the problem...
  2. Z

    Htaccess for openlitespeed

    Hi, Help me with .htaccess for openlitespeed. My attempts are unsuccessful. code orginal apache : # Prevent directory listings Options -Indexes # Prevent visitors from viewing files directly <Files "\.(sdb|md|html|txt)$"> <IfModule !mod_authz_core.c> Order allow,deny...
  3. I

    Installation Of Wordpress In Subdirectory - URGENT

    Hi , i am using litespeed image from aws ec2 instance. after logging in via ssh and generating https certificate. i entered url , it directly installed wordpress in my home directory . although i wanted to install it in blog directory. i followed bellow step : edite .htacess file...
  4. B

    Openlitespeed htaccess problem (!)

    im using openlitespeed, I want to block access to directories but it never works htaccess why ? for example <-- i uploaded this directory inside .htaccess and i want deny from all But not working.. this is for me important