OpenLiteSPeed does't get changes in htaccess from the file htaccess are ignored


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I'm using openlitespeed on the new vps with directadmin

I've problems with htaccess

301 redirects set by directadmin are taken correctly after restarting the litespeed service.
Instead if I put the same line myself in the htaccess file and restart litespeed it doesn't take it.

the problem is similar to this one but I'm sure that the rules are not seen from the file htaccess

after many tests I realized that there is an intermediate system that keeps these htaccess rules in memory.

if I put 301s in directadmin, then I find them in the main htaccess file of the site.
If I remove these lines and restart litespeed, the rules still work

if I add similar ones to the file they are not taken into consideration

so there is another system that overrides these commands in htaccess. Restarting the service doesn't fix anything and using the cronjob doesn't fix it either
if ! find /home/*/domains/*/*_html/ -maxdepth 2 -type f -newer /usr/local/lsws/cgid -name '.htaccess' -exec false {} +; then systemctl restart lsws; fi

the redirect is like this one
Redirect 301 /catalog/cassette/*

is not redirect to the second url

if I set this line in another website with litespeed it works well

the problem is due from directadmin or from openlitespeed?

everyone says to restart the service, but it seems strange to me that only 301 redirects made by the directadmin panel are taken

I've set
Redirect 301 /la-famiglia.html

by myself in the htaccess but only if I sett it from directadmin works



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if the 301 rule is correct, in theory it would be enough to restart the litespeed service to make it effective, but if the same rule works only if set by directadmin, I doubt that he uses a system that has priority and does not accept the changes made manually in the file. I don't get this speech because as directadmin I can only set redirects and not other rules like on the file type cache, so this thing makes me think that it depends on openlitespeed.