1. balkisanton

    Is It Possible To Deploy Only Subdomain In OpenLiteSpeed Server?

    Hi, I'm trying to deploy 1 click openlitespeed with just a subdomain (but root domain using nginx and different server). After deployed, my subdomain showing 502 error. Usually, when I deploy a root domain, it's fine and will immediately accessible. After that, I'm trying to change listener...
  2. alazydope

    Adding subdomain to listener redirects to root domain

    I'm trying to have a separate subdomain for my phpMyAdmin Virtual Host (, separating it from my main WordPress VHost, however whenever I try to navigate to to the subdomain, it redirects to the root domain ( sending me to WordPress. I've also tried adding a new VHost...
  3. G

    How do I access LiteSpeed WebAdmin from my Cloudflare connected domain and how ssl it?

    I can connect to port 7080 with my ip address, but not with my domain name. I have set the ssl certificate what should I do ?
  4. ltynk

    Error with listener 7080

    Hi, I encountered this issue for the second time. Unfortunately I was not able to check what occupied port before server was rebooted. Basically port 7080 gets occupied and this results in not loading any vhost. SSH working, all thing, but nothing loads. Logs shows this: 2020-09-24...