Adding subdomain to listener redirects to root domain

I'm trying to have a separate subdomain for my phpMyAdmin Virtual Host (, separating it from my main WordPress VHost, however whenever I try to navigate to to the subdomain, it redirects to the root domain ( sending me to WordPress. I've also tried adding a new VHost with just a plain html page (a document root with just index.html) on a separate subdomain ( and that also redirects to the root.

The WordPress VirtualHost is on the * domain which if my understanding is correct this should be the lowest priority, however if I change it to be specifically my root domain, then instead of redirecting all subdomains, it only redirects subdomains listed in the listener.

Running OpenLiteSpeed 1.7.18 on Debian 5.10.197-1

Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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Yes each subdomain has its own virtual host, with the domain name set accordingly.

Updated my original post to be a bit clearer.
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I use an ALIAS record on my DNS for the subdomain, would that cause any issues? From what I read it still resolves to an IP so it shouldn't cause a redirect.

There was no .htaccess in either virtual host.