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    DigitalOcean Wordpress Litespeed Droplet PHP 8 Compatibility?

    Hi there, My theme (according to developers) seems to be compatible with PHP 8... I've checked DigitalOcean > Marketplace > Litespeed... it's still "old" droplet with PHP 7.4 ... I don't really understand how to update everything myself, so maybe you can guide me in the right direction? 1...
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    Question about PHP 8 and its modules availability

    Hi, Sorry for my bad English. I am currently using OLS 1.7.12 and PHP 7.4.21. I would like to know if PHP 8 and all its modules are available to update? I tried to Google and also search within this forum but I cannot find any information about it. I may have missed something, but can anyone...
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    OLS not parsing PHP files

    Hello, I have just set up OLS on my Ubuntu 18.04 server. I have compiled PHP from Tools > Compile PHP and it succeeded successfully. I have also created a Virtual Host for a domain, added a script handler for the same (prefix: php handler: lsphp) and added it to the default listener. The site...