1. RookieDNSer

    Wildcard Subdomains on Third Level Domains

    Setup: Ubuntu, Cyberpanel, OLS Webadmin I have been trying to figure this out for a while, with AI no less, and still can't find a solution. I have a WordPress multisite network with multiple second and third-level domains hosted with CyberPanel/OpenLiteSpeed. I have wildcard subdomains...
  2. C

    Cyberpanel + OLS WP multisite issues

    Hi, I've looked through the whole forum, but cannot get things to work. I have a fresh install of Wordpress, enabled multisite, updated the htacccess and wp-config. My subsite ([] and both show in Wordpress network admin. I've searched a bit, and found that I have to...
  3. E

    SSL for Wordpress Multisite Domain Mapping

    I made wordpress multisite with openlitespeed. In order to support domain mapping, I added "*" to the listener, so how do I set the SSL certificate?
  4. tenoch89

    Wordpress Multisite Error

    Hey people, been using OpenLiteSpeed with Cyberpanel and love it and it works on all my sites, however there is a small problem I'm running into with Wordpress Multisite. Every time I try to connect to the dashboard of one of the sites on the multisite, it gives me a Too Many Redirects error. It...