Cyberpanel + OLS WP multisite issues


I've looked through the whole forum, but cannot get things to work.

I have a fresh install of Wordpress, enabled multisite, updated the htacccess and wp-config. My subsite ([] and both show in Wordpress network admin.

I've searched a bit, and found that I have to do something with either DNS / Child domain / Vhost settings.

DNS A recorded is set to with the same IP value as the main

I tried Child domain (go to main domain [] > add domain, added:

With Vhost settings I actually don't know what to do, I found something on the internet that said that OLS is looking for a htaccess file at the wrong location ( but should be looking at [] directly. I do not know how to do that / what I should be doing.

For now, the , returns a 404 page. It does say "proudly powered by litespeed web server" at the bottom.

Any suggestions / advice to help me out :) ?

Kind regards,