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    Struggling with deploying Node Express app

    Hi, I am very new to hosting and purchased a VPS to host a 1 page Node website. This will expand in time to a full website. In the meantime I have been trying to get this hosted for over 1 month now and am really getting frustrated. I initially had a VPS setup with Ubuntu and Cyberpanel with...
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    Node App Does Not Load

    I have followed the instructions to create a simple nodejs app on OLS I already have a letsencript SSL certificate installed and have a website running from this server at I have two questions about...
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    Using ServerSentEvents SSE with nodejs app

    I have set up a digital ocean server with openlitespeed + nodejs one click installer. I want to use server sent events in nodejs with openlitespeed as reverse proxy. I have another server with nginx + nodejs where server sent events is working fine. But with openlitespeed, I am getting a 503...