open lite speed

  1. K

    Page Cache Problem

    Our website is having this problem and how to fix it. Page cache enhances the speed and performance of your site by saving and serving static pages instead of calling for a page every time a user visits. Page cache is detected by looking for an active page cache plugin as well as making three...
  2. K

    Which is Batter OpenLiteSpeed WP Plugin vs WP Rocket

    Pikashow APK In this URL, I activated by installing the OpenLiteSpeed WP plugin, after which my page speed score has come to only 65+ but when we used the WP Rocket plugin on the same page after which the page speed score 80+ is coming. Now we don't know which plugin to use. I'm also using...
  3. S

    OLS start automatic after some time

    I have killed all the processes and stopped the openlitespeed but it will start service automatically after some time. can you tell me how to solve this any guide?
  4. S

    can i use litespeed comodo rules in openlitespeed

    I have installed both owasp and comodo rules do both work simultaneously?
  5. ankit_nagpal

    Unable to add public_html folder to a group

    I am using CyberPanel with OpenLiteSpeed with one domain, like: If I add a public_html folder of the domain to a user group, the domain starts giving "too many redirects" error. For example: Command: ls -la /home/ returns: drwxr-x--- 6 exam4939 nogroup 4096 Dec 15...
  6. G

    red on listeners and virual hosts

    Hello. I just noticed that listeners are red and virtual hosts have a broken paper clip icon. Websites load fine and nothing strange is in the log files. Is this something i should take a closer look at or just let it be? thanks
  7. bhanusingh

    How do I purge cahce for some custom data that I show ?

    I have a Digital Ocean Server, with openlitespeed droplet installed on it. I also have installed the litespeed plugin in my WordPress install. This is a custom woocommerce project where people come and buy meetings which are time-sensitive events. I am facing issues with able to cache my code...
  8. onlinetushar

    DigitalOcean/OLS from DigitalOcean/NGINX Migration

    Currently, I am using DigitalOcean/NGINX for my high traffic site. Can you recommend DigitalOcean/OLS? If Yes, Then how to easily migrate to DigitalOcean/OLS from DigitalOcean/NGINX?