1. S

    Custom DocumentRoot returns 404

    I created a new virtual host for a domain name say, with the custom Document Root (/home/someName/html) having just one index.html page. The owner and group of the document root folder is the domain name without the extension (someName:someName). I have specified "someName" in the...
  2. jcm

    AWS OpenLiteSpeed SFTP Permissions

    Hello, I have installed OpenLIteSpeed from the Amazon AWS Marketplace and not just once a few times as I messed up the permissions trying to fix them so restarted a few times. The summary of it is Wordpress functions well but if I connect via SFTP with username "ubuntu" as required, then...
  3. I

    vhosts configuration

    OLS v1.6.18 on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS with PHP73 (for Drupal v8 & 9 & phpMyadmin) OLS run as nobody:nogroup I have successfully installed OLS in the "default" configuration - also setup three (3) similar (basic) vhosts (example1.local & example2.local & example3.local) using a simple basic vhost...