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OLS v1.6.18 on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS with PHP73 (for Drupal v8 & 9 & phpMyadmin) OLS run as nobody:nogroup

I have successfully installed OLS in the "default" configuration - also setup three (3) similar (basic) vhosts (example1.local & example2.local & example3.local) using a simple basic vhost template and simple static index.html test files. OLS will serve (display) the example1.local & example2.local "websites" correctly but refuses to serve (display) the example3.local "website" at all ! - The document root for each vhost is /srv/$VH_NAME/html - Permissions for all vhost directories and files are nobody:nogroup - Empty $SERVER_ROOT/$VHOST_NAME sub-directories exist for each vhost

Similarly, I have installed phpMyadmin in the $SERVER_ROOT/Example/phpmyadmin directory (localhost) and OLS will serve (display) and run phpMyadmin successfully with root:root permissions on directories and files.

In attempting to install phpMyadmin "outside" of the /Example directory as an individual vhost, OLS refuses to serve (display) and run phpMyadmin ???
Are there specific settings required to run php applications in vhosts (other than the default server settings) ?

What am I missing ? - configuration settings ? - server or file permissions ? - is there any OLS limitation "internally' for numbers of vhosts ? - what else ... ?

Any assistance appreciated - configuration files or screenshots available ...

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Cold-Egg - thanks, yes I do have domain mapping for each host and have discovered the problem was simple - a one-letter typo in the relevant domain mapping ... aaarrgh !!! - problem solved ... :)