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    After installing PHP8.1 the php -v reverted back to PHP7.4

    Hello, I fallowed this tutorial to install php8.1 Since I was not able to compile PHP through OpenLiteSpeed Tools->Compile PHP After I successfully installed the...
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    Your PHP installation appears to be missing the MySQL extension which is required by WordPress. after upgrade php

    I upgraded php7.3 to php7.4 but it shows "Your PHP installation appears to be missing the MySQL extension which is required by WordPress". I search solution on google, it happens because I didn't install the MySQL extension yet. then I run this yum install lsphp74-mysqlnd. But Nothing change...
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    file_get_contents 403 in OpenLiteSpeed | PHP 7.4

    Hi, first time poster and new to OLS but hoping someone might have some insight into this issue. Server: VULTR VPS on UBUNTU20.04+11, managed via RunCloud using their Open Lightspeed stack Software stack: PHP 7.4, WordPress 5.8.1, custom vanilla PHP theme Plugin of note: iThemes Security...
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    Problem with sessions path, owner and permission ?

    Hi, I think I have problems with sessions path, owner and permission. I "just installed" OLS with php 7.4. I did : "$ apt-get install -y lsphp74 lsphp74-common lsphp74-mysql" OLS Server configuration : "Server Process - Running As user(nobody) : group(nogroup)" php.ini : open_basedir...
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    Upgrading PHP from 7.3.22-1+focal to 7.4

    Hello everybody, I am running a WordPress website using Google Cloud Platform OpenLiteSpeed deployment. Since PHP 7.4 is out, I would like to upgrade. I have tried running sudo apt update and sudo apt upgrade and it resulted in my PHP version updating from v7.3.17-1+focal to 7.3.22-1+focal. How...
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    AddType for parsing PHP in xml files not working

    Hi, I have some RSS feeds being generated from a PHP array. I a while back moved my site to my own server where I run OpenLiteSpeed (reverse proxied through Nginx). My feeds worked fine on the CloudLinux LiteSpeed hosting I used before, with PHP being parsed inside of XML files using this...