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    Use context for different PHP version

    Hi there! I'm trying something that I don't know if already feasible with OLS and I don't find much good documentation about. I have one wordpress accesible via which is executed with PHP8.2 and PHP execution user is sense9761. Then I have one Laravel installed in another server...
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    How do I change PHP CLI version?

    I am running OLS with CyberPanel. My question is related to OLS, so I am hoping someone here can assist. I am running into issues when use PHP CLI (PHP on the command line). I have install a website application that needs at least PHP 7.3 (I've got it on 7.4). It is a Composer project. I need...
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    Multiple vhosts one script handler

    I was looking for information about script handlers. I have more than one virtual host and every is setuped with: External App Set UID Mode: DocRoot UID and has server script handler lsphp as I don't need multiple PHP versions. It's working fine, but I found out that other setups (like...
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    AddType for parsing PHP in xml files not working

    Hi, I have some RSS feeds being generated from a PHP array. I a while back moved my site to my own server where I run OpenLiteSpeed (reverse proxied through Nginx). My feeds worked fine on the CloudLinux LiteSpeed hosting I used before, with PHP being parsed inside of XML files using this...