1. A

    Can I host a sub-folder in another server?

    Hi, With Nginx, it is possible to hose a website in a server, while hosting the sub-folder in the website in another server. Can LiteSpeed do the same thing? Thanks
  2. S

    Website Getting Stuck at First Load

    Hello Team, I really love LiteSpeed - but I am facing a really bad issue on one of my websites. Whenever we open the website randomly in a day 4 to 5 times the website gets stuck at the first load for about 15 to 20 seconds and after that it gets open - the same happens to the post pages also...
  3. C

    Can't upgrade OpenLiteSpeed

    Hello, I got an issue with OpenLiteSpeed, getting long response times and issues with cloudflare giving "error 524: a time out ocurred". I'm trying to update OpenLiteSpeed to see if that helps with the issue, but the server doesn't seems to be able to connect to the litespeed repositories. When...
  4. techiebraj

    Where is HSTS setting in OpenLiteSpeed web admin panel?

    Hello there, Yesterday I was looking at all the settings at server:7080, suddenly a setting came HSTS, I turned that on but now since that was a demo site, I want to turn off HSTS, but I am not able to look at that setting again. Can you please tell me where is the HSTS setting in...