ssl not working

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    Hello , I installed OpenLiteSpeed on my fresh ubuntu server, I added a virtualhost, an SSL listener and associated the listener to the domain. I also created the ssl certificate with cetbot and added the private key and certificate file in the virtual host ssl tab. But I can't get it to work...
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    How do I access LiteSpeed WebAdmin from my Cloudflare connected domain and how ssl it?

    I can connect to port 7080 with my ip address, but not with my domain name. I have set the ssl certificate what should I do ?
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    Question about configuraion of SSL

    Hey guys, I'm new at OpenLiteSpeed, I just installed it to an Ubuntu 22.04 Virtual Machine to test it, the HTTP site shows just fine, I first configured SSL on the normal site, but it didn't work, mostly because it is not secure (I think), so I created a new listener for port 8443 and a Virtual...
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    SSL issued to

    Hello All, I've tried all the SSL troubleshooting steps but still the SSL is always issued to Even when it is issued to host, it is the same. I deleted the website, removed all DNS entried from Cloudflare. Only pointed the domain without proxy. Turned Off SSL on CloudFlare...
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    SSL Certifcate issue

    I am new to openlitespeed . I installed ssl successfully through openlite web panel. is fine as first first photo i have attached. but is not fine as 2nd photo. This is not issue of cookies i have tried already. Could anyone please tell me how to...
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    Can't configure a VHOST template

    Hello, I'm trying to set up 2 https domains ( & with OLS templates VHOST. I have 1 certificate (CERTBOT - LETSENCRYPT) for each domain. I made many tests and I don't understand what I'm doing wrong... This is my configuration : OpenLiteSpeed 1.6.19 / DEBIAN 10...
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    I want to change my domain name for my server.

    I have a openlite server for my site. I was using as my domain name. But now I want to change it to and I have pointed my new domain to the server IP but now I am stuck at getting a new SSl for my new domain. I had previously generated a SSL with certbot. Please...
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    SSL not working.

    Hello, I've configured 2 listeners and 2 virtual hosts. One listener is on port 80 and works fine. The other listener is configured on 443 and is not working. If I disable secure (secure - OFF), it starts. When secure is on, the listener stops and I get error (ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED). There is...