Question about configuraion of SSL

Hey guys,

I'm new at OpenLiteSpeed, I just installed it to an Ubuntu 22.04 Virtual Machine to test it, the HTTP site shows just fine, I first configured SSL on the normal site, but it didn't work, mostly because it is not secure (I think), so I created a new listener for port 8443 and a Virtual Host for it, mapped the Virtual host to the listener, but when I try to visit it, all I get is a 404 Not Found, I specified the same docs folder as the normal site, so what could I be missing?


"I first configured SSL on the normal site, but it didn't work, ", did you apply any certificate or upload any valid certificate? If there's no valid cert, then it will return the same result with a different HTTPS port listener.

For 404 issue, did you put any domain value to the listener and map to virtual host? maybe it's easier if you can share the server config file here
This is the config for vhost with SSL:

docRoot /var/www/html/
enableGzip 1
enableBr 1

errorlog $VH_ROOT/logs/error.log {
useServer 1
logLevel DEBUG
rollingSize 10M

index {
useServer 1
indexFiles index.php

expires {
enableExpires 1

accessControl {
allow *

context / {
location $DOC_ROOT/
allowBrowse 1

rewrite {
RewriteFile .htaccess

rewrite {
enable 1

vhssl {
keyFile /etc/ssl/private/server.key
certFile /etc/ssl/certs/server.crt
enableSpdy 8
enableQuic 1
It is exactly the same as the Virtual host without SSL, only this one does have the certificate and key in it, also the error.log doesn't show me any Not Found errors.
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By the way, I have the same SSL certificate working on port 443 for Apache, since this is just a test because I want to see HTTP/3 in action, I disabled Apache which is running HTTP/2 and allowed OpenLiteSpeed to be up and running, but without SSL, there is no HTTP/3 and without HTTP/3 there is no test.
I don't know if it is because of this, but the log is showing this:

AIO is not supported on this machine!

I installed OpenLiteSpeed using Ubuntu's repo, but I think this means something needs to be installed for this to work.

OK I give up with OpenLiteSpeed, I got it up to the Listener showing green, but the VirtualHost never starts for the listener using the same certificate the admin interface uses (just in case it was a certificate problem), AIO doesn't seem to be the problem, the logs don't show me anything (even in DEBUG mode) so I don't know what is happening with my test.

I'm just going to have to wait until Apache HTTPD Supports HTTP3.