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  1. sibipaul

    IP Not Shows Web Page in OLS - Why?

    Hello, I created Two Droplets in Digital Ocean. 1 - 5$ Droplet + Litespeed Ent + Cyber Panel + WordPress 2 - 20$ Droplet + OLS + Cyber Panel + Php Sites Both Droplets Having Floating IPs My Problem is, When I Visit Main IP or Floating IP in Browser, First Droplet Opens, It's First Created...
  2. I

    How to make a 301 redirect in OLS

    Hello, I have noticed that I have some 404 errors on my website. I have tried to fix them by putting the following instruction in the .htaccess but it does not work: Redirect 301 /urlwith404 Investigating through the forum, I have seen that OLS does not accept...