IP Not Shows Web Page in OLS - Why?


I created Two Droplets in Digital Ocean.

1 - 5$ Droplet + Litespeed Ent + Cyber Panel + WordPress

2 - 20$ Droplet + OLS + Cyber Panel + Php Sites

Both Droplets Having Floating IPs

My Problem is,

When I Visit Main IP or Floating IP in Browser,

First Droplet Opens, It's First Created Website's, Home Page.

But, Second Droplets IPs Showing 404 Error When I Visit That IPs.

Meanwhile, I can Goto those sites by entering its domains in Address Bar. ( Droplet 1 and 2 ) both sites Open by domain.

Also Able to Access IP:8090 Cyber Panel Dashboard.

Only I am not able to see the web page when I enter the second droplets IP or its Floating IP.

A 404 error page from Litespeed.

Anyone can Guess something about this?

What I missed while Installation? or the configuration...

I'm sure, it's because of some configuration... but, Can you help me to find out?


Normally domain is the right way to access to your website, especially you may have multi sites on the same server. You can use ip for cyberpanel or lsws admin console.