1. balkisanton

    Is It Possible To Deploy Only Subdomain In OpenLiteSpeed Server?

    Hi, I'm trying to deploy 1 click openlitespeed with just a subdomain (but root domain using nginx and different server). After deployed, my subdomain showing 502 error. Usually, when I deploy a root domain, it's fine and will immediately accessible. After that, I'm trying to change listener...
  2. alazydope

    Adding subdomain to listener redirects to root domain

    I'm trying to have a separate subdomain for my phpMyAdmin Virtual Host (, separating it from my main WordPress VHost, however whenever I try to navigate to to the subdomain, it redirects to the root domain ( sending me to WordPress. I've also tried adding a new VHost...
  3. Crabi

    Error 404 on subdomain

    Hi !! :) i'm trying to get phpmyadmin working on a subdomain, but actually all i have is a 404 error from openlitespeed ! - Debian 10 Buster, - OpenLiteSpeed 1.7.14, - php 7.4.xx Here's my error logs : 2022-01-14 08:32:33.797310 [NOTICE] [25736] SIGHUP received, start count down to stop...
  4. C

    Unable to rewrite URL for subdomain

    Hi, I have below scenario. I have my main site at and i have a subdomain at Main site document root is /home/ & subdomain document root is changed to /home/ Basically i am serving static content...