web admin

  1. richardevcom

    Redirect all subdomains but one with specific port

    Hi there. I'm looking to redirect all subdomains but one with specific 6789 port to be redirected to https://spec.domain.com:6789 for the Web Admin. So if I visit https://anyrandomsubdomain.domain.com:6789 I get redirected to https://spec.domain.com:6789 Is there an option to add Rewrite...
  2. Rinart73

    How to protect Web Admin - maybe reCAPTCHA?

    I'm looking for ways to protect my web admin. I chose complicated password, changed default "admin" login and switched web admin port. Hovewer even though the chances are low, I'm still worried about bruteforce. I want to to know if there any other ways to protect web admin. Allowing to connect...
  3. alexw1980

    how to setup and access OLS Web admin?

    I just deployed openlitespeed-wordpress on GCP and want to setup SSL. I'm stuck at accessing the OLS WebAdmin. So far here's what I know that need to be done (appreciate if anyone can point out any mistakes) 1. SSH from VM instances 2. install Certbot to get Let's Encrypt cert sudo apt-get...