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    How to configure wordpress so that connect to VPS server and enable SSL/TLS cloudflare Vultr Ubuntu .20.4

    I just tried to install wordpress with openlitespeed using vultr vps ubuntu 20.4 and register a domain in namecheap then the installation steps I did follow this link guide and it worked ( https://lms.onnocenter.or.id/wiki/index.php/Wordpress:_Install_openlitespeed_di_Ubuntu_20.04 ) I have...
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    Basic auth realm always promting auth even the password is correct

    Hi, Im trying to implement basic auth (http auth) on my wordpress (URL/wp-login.php) and it was done but the problem is when im try to access the page its always promting request the access event its was correct Happy if anyone here have clue how to fix it Thanks.
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    PHP7.4 crashes WordPress

    I have installed PHP7.4 and set up an External APP. However as soon as I point WordPress to this App it crashes with a message that WordPress Has Had A Serious Error. An I have installed PHP7.4 and set up an Axternal APP.