How to configure wordpress so that connect to VPS server and enable SSL/TLS cloudflare Vultr Ubuntu .20.4

I just tried to install wordpress with openlitespeed using vultr vps ubuntu 20.4 and register a domain in namecheap then the installation steps I did follow this link guide and it worked ( )

I have connected NS to cloudflare

but the next step I'm confused

So what I want to ask is:

1- how do i configure so that the domain and sarver can be connected with the wordpress that i have installed?

2- How do I configure to enable SSL/TLS from the CSR and KeyPrivat I get in cloudflare ?

for the masters please help, I'm still a beginner so please guide, thank you


If you use the Ubuntu system, next time you can just launch it from the marketplace it should save your time.

If you have the server, WordPress setup, and the WP site can be visited by IP. The next step is,
1. Add the domain to the OpenLiteSpeed > listener
2. Add an A record in Cloudflare, so you can the site by domain

You can set SSL > Flexible SSL on Cloudflare so it will take care of the cert for you.
yes i understand, it's my last choice, i choose manual installation, i'm learning

I know the configuration in the listener, but what kind of settings are needed for the listener that I don't understand?

so, For cloudflare I have connected to the domain and registered SSL/TLS