100% CPU load by litespeed process




I´m running a development server on CentOS 7 x64 with Open Litespeed 1.3.8 and PHP 5.4.38 + Xcache together with MariaDB 10. Litespeed and PHP have been installed through the Litespeed Repos.

Litespeed is working properly but I can´t figure out what it is doing from time to time as the main litespeed process running under nobody piles up to 100% process CPU load without reason. This happens almost everytime after restart/graceful restart but also without any reason and traffic on the site. It seems like it recovers after some minutes to just come up back again with 100% process load. The DEBUG logs look clean so I have no idea at the moment what to do. Any suggestions are highly appreciated. Thanks.


I´ve just broke down the behaviour a little. It only happens when I´m logged in into the WebAdmin. As long as I´m logged in even by doing nothing the load stays at 100% of the litespeed process. It goes down after a while and comes back whenever I click on some settings. Is this because my config is parsed so heavily?


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Hi @isengard

I'm not sure exactly what is causing this bug, but we have found that there is a bug in 1.3.8 that is causing high load. The bug does not exist in 1.3.7, so you can downgrade one version if you like. We also should be releasing a fix for this bug soon. The developers say they have almost figured it out.