(28 May 2021) DigitalOcean Droplet OpenliteSpeed Wordpress DNS SSL Problem

I believe that I've found a bug inside your DigitalOcean Droplet. Today 28 May 2021 (yesterday too) tried to install droplets for my domains on DO, it failed. The problem is with SSL certificate, it notifies that "domain name is accessible" but at the end gives me an error saying that "please make sure that A records and some other records" are pointed properly.... so, if it's DNS, I thought maybe propagation wasn't complete... nope, all good. Then I thought that DO itself is buggy, sometimes they write "experiencing issues ... "... anyway:
1. I created 5 droplets
2. Pointed 5 domains
3. Installed 3 droplets without SSL - nope, failed too... wp blank
4. Installed 2 droplets with SSL - nope, failed too... DNS thingie appeared

How I know it's Openlitespeed Droplet and not other stuff?
Well, I created 5 droplets again, but this time I picked that "simple Wordpress" without any fancy stuff inside, just regular WP installation
All 5 domains are working fine + all 5 domains are installed with SSL...

So, when I pick Openlitespeed Wordpress droplet - I fail to install
If I pick "install ugly WP droplet" all good

:( :( :( it's sad, I like you. Fix it please.
oh, forgot to tell you that this only happens if I want to add domain. If I just want to create an empty droplet (ip address only) then it's fine. I login, hit CTRL + C and then EXIT... :) all good in this case... but when I point domain to your droplet, and start installing it... then this problem appears :(