404 errors in admin console after setting SSL certificate


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Hi there,

I'm using the OpenLiteSpeed+Wordpress image from AWS. OLS version 1.6.18. All was going well until I set up SSL via certbot at the prompt. Website works fine after I manually set up the LetsEncrypt certificates location in Listener wordpressssl > SSL, but since then I'm experiencing weird 404 errors while using the admin console which prevent me from using it. I get a "Error 404! Page not found" right in the console when:

- I click save in Virtual Hosts / Wordpress / Rewrite / rewrite Rules (I can't modify or add rules)
- I click the tab SSL in Virtual Host wordpress
- Whenever I try to modify an existing Context or create a new one in Virtual Host wordpress

I'm accessing the console via https://IP:7080; the domain name is set up to use the QUIC.cloud CDN.

I hate asking for help, but I haven't found any similar issue that could help me.

Thanks to anyone who could help.