503 Error For no reason

Hi guys,
I know this is my first post but i'm batteling with this for almost 2 weeks withought any success.

So. I have lsws installed, all good, cache module enabled, working well, on some of my websites (wordpress) i installed litespeed cache. So far so good. Even installed memcached for better speed. Everyting works as it should be. This issue that i have i that i get a 503 error on a page .... like a list page with 20 items or so.... i have no idea why. I have a similar page with EXACTLY the same items but ordered differently. That one doesn't return any error. But it's basically the same. So after searching for asnwers, and not getting any, i just copied the php script for the WORKING one into the NOT working one ... and i still get the same stupid 503 error. I have to mention that i get this error ONLY while i'm logged in as administrator and the litespeed cache plugin is activated. If i log out, it's no problem. I have no ideea where to go from this point on and what to do. If you can give me some ideas, would me much appreciated.

Best regards.
Can you please get to the point? It will take a month at this pace, since every single post has to be approved... I'n not that noob. I blocked that port after install since it serves no purpose, except 7080 to access the dashboard.
Once again, i have to point that this issue is caused by the openlitespeed cache wordpress plugin, not by the configuration itself.


Hi @edutz ,

It's possible there's some PHP permission issue or hitting PHP concurrent connection limit.
To get quicker help, can you join Slack and direct message "@Eric" ? I will ask you for some error logs.

If not, you can also send the issue with reproduce method to bug@litespeedtech.com



For anyone maybe interested, the issue was due to theme/plugin JS file maybe not work with `JS HTTP/2 Push`. So set `JS HTTP/2 Push` to OFF fix it. You can also exclude that page from being optimized.

Yes indeed, for some reason, that particular page was not working because of this settings. I have a duplicate page that works without a problem, so no idea why this happened. Anyway, thank you @Eric @Cold-Egg for figure this out for me. You can close this topic.

One again thanks for the help and time consumed.