503 error importing zipped wordpress post ONLY if Litespeed Cache is Enabled

Bug with LiteSpeed Cache and OpenLiteSpeed (tested 1.6.13-1.6.15), i get everytime 503 error when importing post to wordpress, only if i have enabled LS Cache when i disable LS Cache import is fast and without errors.

Steps to reproduce:

1- create Wordpress site with litespeed cache plugin enabled and Zippy plugin installed ( https://ve.wordpress.org/plugins/zippy/ )
2- Create a large (+80) quantity of post ( https://ve.wordpress.org/plugins/fakerpress/ ) and export all of them with zippy ( https://ve.wordpress.org/plugins/zippy/ )
3- Try import compressed .zip post again (my test file is 2mb uncompressed and 99kb zipped)
Result: error 503 or timeout if use cloudflare

Doesn't happens if:

1- Import with LS Cache disabled
2- Import a small number of post with LS Cache Enabled

I think this timeout errors happens because every post which this plugin import, make a call to flush cache but i don't know how to fix or disable this.