A fresh Disk image with CyberPanel/LiteSpeed~~OpenLiteSpeed help me figure it out!


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The Alibaba Cloud Training Academy provided me with a server for training (screen_01)
and there I repeatedly launched a disk image
with CyberPanel-10-10-2023 (screen_02)

The main reason for my appeal to the community was the lack of an up-to-date description of the last assembled disk image. Compiled and uploaded to the store based on Ubuntu 22.04, and the status description documentation for Ubuntu 18.04 (screen_2_1,screen_2_2 )It is unclear which firewall is installed and how to configure it, there is no ufw in the system - that's for sure...
screen_02_1.png screen_02_2.png

I will forward this post to the person responsible for the publication today.

There were errors during installation and I had to reinstall the system several times because
I'm not a very smart person, but I can follow the instructions carefully.

I ask YOU to advise the instructions on which to configure CyperPanel with LiteSpeed Enterprise for one domain and one user (because in this case, the use of the software is free). When transferring a domain, you can fill in the entries YOU
screen_03.png screen_04.png

and I do not know how best to fill in for using this software, so as not to reinstall the server several times.
I will need to
-Wordpress + Prisma GWT (in the future WPML)
-e-mail service
-Wildcard SSL on CyberPanel/LiteSpeed
-study of additional LiteSpeed Enterprise modules

I understand that the knowledge I have gained will be in demand in the labor market. This means that I will be able to serve the clients of those who strive for success. In the business world, it is important to increase sales. And this is possible only if there are competent personnel.
Your product takes the first place for these purposes.
Now the Alibaba Cloud service is hosting a dayt campaign to use server capacities for free with different deadlines
(the biggest year is screen_05)

If you follow my referral link there, then I will be able to listen to more training lectures at the Alibaba Cloud Student Academy.
here is this referral link.

Alibaba Cloud Refferal Program

When I set everything up and start filling out the content, I will definitely publish the results of the work done here.
This will definitely help those who want to make the WORLD around us brighter and better.