Admin Listener Port Reset?

Upgraded to centos 6.6 today, and I'm on OLS version 1.3.5 and it seems the admin listener port was reset to the default 7080? Not sure if that is normal or not.
Maybe it was related to what happened last time here:

Although I'm also not sure if I got any new OLS update at the same time. When I did yum update there was a long list of stuff so I didn't notice. When I check the openlitespeed history for yum I believe showed I+U. Does that stand for install plus upgrade, or something else? I'm still on the 1.3 branch though.

If you can't reproduce it, I guess it may be something related to downgrading last time.


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Hmmmm. It could be related to that. Will you be upgrading to 1.3.6 now? Can you watch to see if it happens when you upgrade?

Issue didn't occur when upgrading from 1.3.5 to 1.3.6. I did notice a warning about it saying my uid,gid is below a certain number and said to use the server uid. Changing to server uid gets rid of the warning, but I thought docroot uid is more secure? Should I just ignore the warning or do you recommend switching?
Ah, I'm not getting that warning anymore, that warning was my mistake. I think it resulted from the folder permissions getting messed up (not relating to OLS).

All is good now, thanks again. :)