An unsolvable stale cache problem

Hi all, I'm having a problem with stale pages, and I'm at my wits end, as I have tried everything and OLS is still serving stale pages.
Here are the only 2 pages on my site that are having problem:

Problem description: Those 2 pages are being served by OLS and Litespeed Cache Wordpress plugin, and they contains links to nonexistent CSS files, thus breaking all the styles. This only happens to guess visitors, not to admins. The stale version will not be served if the URL contains '?LSCWP_CTRL=before_optm' or '?LSCWP_CTRL=NOCACHE'. The stale version also will not be served if I go to Litespeed Cache > Cache and turn off 'Enable Cache'. If I clone those pages and set a different permalink, the cloned pages work fine.

What I have tried: Bypass Cloudflare completely, purge everything under the sun, add those pages into 'Do Not Cache URIs' section, turn off browser cache in Dev Mode, go into the page edit and turn on the Disable Cache option.

I'd really appreciate any help, thank you.
Check your .htaccess. There is something wrong. can also accessed by can also accessed by

Both URLs without redirection but they should be redirected
Can you elaborate on what you mean here? I checked .htaccess, looks normal though, there are no special rules regarding those 2 pages. works but there is no cache status header?!
Yeah it bugs me too, can't figure out why.
EDIT: Wait, it does say "x-litespeed-cache-control: no-cache"
Just a quick update, I found out that someone accidentally activated WP Rocket plugin, which did not clear it's cached content after being deactivated, and thus messed with LSCWP.