Any Free Web Based Control panel that support OLS?


Hi RoldanLT,

Currently, no. We may consider this sometime in the future, but it is not on our road map.

Is there a feature that you were looking for that is missing in the OLS web admin?



So I spoke with our main web admin dev. I am told that those features are outside the realm of the web admin, so unfortunately, they cannot be added to our web admin.

One possible solution is to use the control panel you like the most and configure OLS through our web admin. The control panel should function correctly for everything but the web server.

Another solution is to try LiteSpeed Enterprise. I fully understand if you are a bit weary of closed source products, but Enterprise is essentially OLS on the inside with extra features, minus the latest additions. 95% of the code that goes into enterprise went through OLS first (think of OLS as like a testing platform, you get the newest stuff, but there may be a bug here and there). The reason I suggest Enterprise is that the Ent version is capable of reading Apache configurations. This capability allows you to use any control panel that works with Apache configs.