[Azure-ubuntu1804] Setup SSL Post-install


As a side note: I initially spawned a new OLS VM, but my DNS settings on VNet were incorrect, and therefore no internet access and there was NO initial setup questions. There is no info in your documentation to manually run the setup script. I had delete the VM and re-create it.

After provisioniong a new VM, it asked be basic questions such as domain name etc. I SKIPPED the SSL part as domain dns was not ready.

I now wish to complete that step and install a Lets Ecrypt certificate for the wordpress site.

Only see instructions to manually install certbot etc..

My question is therefore: How do I run the setup script to handle the aquistion and installtion of the SSL certificate the correct way automatically?

Thank you.


Hi @rm001,

Right, that script is design for first time user/quick start only. You can do "ctrl+c" next time if DNS is not ready.

For your first domain, you can download the script and run from it.
wget https://raw.githubusercontent.com/litespeedtech/ls-cloud-image/master/Setup/domainsetup.sh
chmod +x domainsetup.sh
bash domainsetup.sh
Let us know if it works to you.