Bubblewrap in OLS 1.6.19

Hey guys.

Any idea what happened with bubblewrap in OLS ?
There are no more bubblewrap container settings, also all pages which previously worked fine died after upgrading?



Do you mean GUI? May I know which version has bubblewrap settings on it? If you downgrade to the previous version, will it show again?
Hey @Cold-Egg I am not sure if I set it up on 1.6.15 (which came with release note that bubblewrap as added) or 1.6.16, and now when I upgraded to 1.6.19 this is gone and also my old settings didn't work anymore.
Okay I did some tests. Bubblewrap by default it doesn't work on 1.6.19 or 1.7.8. Last version that it works for me is 1.6.16.

Basicly what I found out, something has to be wrong with default bwrap command, because home folders are not mounted. Could someone report this as a bug?