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Discussion in 'General OpenLiteSpeed Discussion' started by John Keegan, Dec 5, 2017.

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    I've read through the docs but still not clear if it's possible or how to go about it...

    Want to use OLS as a caching reverse proxy. Create a VPS with just OLS on it and have it proxy to one of my commercial Litespeed servers hosting a WordPress site or sites; with OLS acting like Varnish in a sense, serving cached just static assets and only passing back requests for dynamic pages to LWS. Ideally I would create several OLS caching proxies and load balance them...

    Any how to's out there for setting things up this way?
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  3. Oranuf

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    I realize this post is from about 4 months ago, but since i'm struggling with this right now (and have for about a week), it would help to clarify your answer.

    OP asked specifically about a *caching* reverse proxy. I set up OLS as a proxy - "External App" configured as a Web Server, Script Handler passing requests for dynamic pages (.cfm in this case) to the Web Server, and then using a Proxy web context. But no matter what I do, i cannot get the caching module to work - at least, I do not see any reference to LS caching in the response headers, and none of my dynamic or static resources are cached according to the configuration I've attempted to set up in both the module config and via rewrite rules.

    So, where does the CACHING part of the reverse proxy come in, or is it not possible?
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    can you provide details on how to setup cache on OLS reverse proxy and how did you configure your backend?

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