Cannot install pear php for Open Lite Speed

Hey Guys, I've been using litespeed to host multiple wordpress websites for a long, its super fast and easy to use, I dont have to install any PHP modules for any Wordpress website to work, but now I am going to be using litespeed to completely replace apache, I use apache to host several things that I couldn't let open lite speed host because of PHP compatibility. I do not understand why installing PHP modules for lsphp is seemingly so difficult but here's the story.

Installing open game panel onto OLS.
First page of the installer is the dependencies - shows I need Pear, however Pear XXTEA is shown as found which is confusing in and of itself.
I begin to research how to install pear, add the litespeed PHP repository to ubuntu 18.04 which is what I'm using, use command sudo apt-get instal lsphp73-pear
After its installed, restart lsphp by using sudo touch /usr/local/lsws/admin/tmp/.lsphp_restart.txt and killall lsphp
Restart Open Lite Speed
The dependencies show no difference.

I really seem to have a hard time to grasp how lsphp is supposed to work. On apache, you can install different mods and run phpenmod and you're done, is it similar with lsphp? Do I have to recompile lsphp with --with-pear because in my PHP info its showing --without-pear. PHP -m was a great tool to see everything. So any help towards what I'm doing wrong, or maybe a tutorial on a way to install any PHP extension for lsphp?
I want OLS to be a direct replacement for apache but part of apaches ease of use was easily installing any php module.
Any help is greatly appreciated thank you in advance.