Can't get vhost working

In OpenLiteSpeed admin, I have created a new vhost:

I copied vhconf.conf from /usr/local/lsws/conf/vhosts/Example.

I have restarted OpenLiteSpeed and opened www.litespeed.local:8088 in the browser, but it displays:

You have successfully installed the OpenLiteSpeed Web Server.
& more.

This content is not in the index.html file I created in /usr/local/lsws/docs/www.litespeed.local/html.

Help appreciated.
If you are using the webAdmin to config your site, please just follow the steps.
A Vhost need to be added to a listener so that it can be served.
Thank you kindly Eric.

I've followed that article, but I receive an error when running the command:

> chown lsadm:lasadm lightspeed.local/conf
chown: invalid group: ‘lsadm:lasadm’

Help appreciated.



It's probably due to you set the vhost root file/folder under the root user folder?

If this is a test server, do you mind to give this new auto virtual hosts setup script a try?

If you have any listener already on the server, then login ssh console as root user,run following command to create a new virtual host for domain
/bin/bash <( curl -sk ) -d
You can also direct message me (@Eric) in golitespeed.
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