Can't set WebAdmin to port 443


I'm trying to make my webadmin console available over ssl on a subdomain. However, if I set admin listener port to 443, lsws crashes saying it can't set it to 443. This is rather inconvenient, as I usually restrict access to anything webserver related to cloudfalre IPs since I'm behind cloudflare, and with the default config I have to open port 7080 to the world (internet accessible server - localhost only access not an option since I am not and cannot be on it's actual network as it's halfway across the world!).

Is this intended behavior? And if so, shouldn't it be changed?


Port 80 and 443 are more for the regular HTTP and HTTPS listener set up, please avoid using it on the web admin listener. you might want to consider setting up a reverse proxy for the web admin which sounds weird to me through :LOL: