Centos 8/Cyberpanel how to fix OLS

For last two weeks I'm trying to figure out perfect working configuration of CyberPanel (2.01) with OLS (1.6.14). If it is working, it is close to perfection but it is so easy to touch wrong button. There are minor issues like redis is not being installed and it has to be installed later separately (Centos 8). Today I tried to switch OLS to Enterprise version. License key I copied was wrong (Free Starter with 2GB RAM limit on 4GB server). Switch failed and OLS crashed. After server reboot OLS was still down and had to start it up from command line. It seems that configuration been corrupted as response time are 3-4 times higher and header is not showing cache state.
Is there a way to fix/rebuild configuration of OLS or do I need to start from scratch?



Unfortunately you will have to re-start it from scratch

but yes, you have a good point , there should be some checks before start OLS -> LSWS convertion

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